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Muscle Rub Stick, 2.5 oz

Muscle Rub Stick, 2.5 oz


For the immediate alleviation of pain and inflammation. Has an anti-inflammatory effect . This topical CBD is an effective treatment to soothe some headaches when applied to the neck and other aches and pains pertaining to joints and muscles. Aids in the Support of Healthy Muscle Function

  • Directions

    Apply to freshly cleansed skin, massaging in to problem areas as needed. May be used in conjunction with warm or cool packs.

  • Ingredients

    Olive, Shea Butter, Hempseed & Sunflower Oils (Virgin); Beeswax, Cera Bellina; Proprietary Essential Oil Blend; Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa, Wild Harvested); White Willow Bark, Arrowroot; Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract (500 mg), Liqui-Par Optima (preservative)

  • Benefits

    Anti-inflammatory, cooling & soothing. (Be careful with this one!) Keep away from sensitive areas.

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